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7 Things about a Rhinoplasty that nobody tells you

I recently got a nose job for aesthetic AND medical reasons. So they pretty much did a lot on my nose and there are some things I really wished, that someone told me before having the surgery!

My story is that after going to the doctor to get help for my constantly blocked nose he told me that the reason for it is a curved nasal septum paired with nasal turbinates that are too big for my nose. The only “cure” would be surgery. Since he, therefore, had to open up my nose anyway and I wasn’t happy with the bridge of my nose since forever, I jumped on the chance to have some aesthetic improvements on it as well.

Before having the surgery the little hypochondriac and also the medical nerd in me made me researched the internet for what to expect. I wanted to know everything. After having the surgery I know that there quite a lot of things nobody told me about and also no one wrote about but that I would have loved to know beforehand.

Here they are:

  1. When you wake up your whole mouth and throat will hurt like hell for the first 1–2 days. This is a very common side effect of nose surgeries. Since the procedure is usually done under full anesthesia, they have to put a “tube” down your throat so that they can ventilate you during the surgery. Sadly, most doctors aren’t too careful doing this and hurt the very delicate skin in your throat! The day after the surgery I could feel all of the small open wounds in my mouth and they hurt like hell! Luckily, they healed in about 2 days but those two days were super painful because not only does it hurt whilst drinking or eating but also since you can’t breathe through your nose the first two days your mouth is constantly open and really can’t “rest” to heal better! My tip: Take some sage tablets or some other soothing throat lozenge with you!
  2. You can’t really drink without a straw! Not only does it kind of hurt to drink because of the open throat, but it’s also nearly impossible to do it without a straw! Since nowadays straws aren’t really readily available I would highly suggest you take your own metal straw with you because most hospitals don’t really give them to you and it’s super important to drink because since you can only breathe through your mouth for the first two days, you have to constantly hydrate it because it gets as dry as the Sahara!
  3. The most likely will give you antibodies without even letting you know. For most hospitals giving antibodies is a standard procedure after every surgery. As you probably all know the use of them or better their overuse, is quite controversial. But even with leaving that aside, you have to be aware that antibodies will most likely stop making your contraception (aka the pill) work. Not only after taking it but also up to 5 days prior! to taking the antibodies, because sperm can stay alive in your for about this period. So if you plan on having sex in the 5 days prior to your surgery I would suggest using another form of contraception to be on the safe side! If you read this after having had the surgery done and you did have sex prior to it, call your gynecologist and tell them what kind of antibody they gave you, what pill you are on and how far in your cycle you are. In some cases, you will need to take the morning-after pill (In Europe there are some which can be taken up to 72 hours after sex, and one can be taken even 5 days after sexual intercourse).
  4. Eating food can hurt in the first few days. The first reason for that is the open throat. So everything which does not have a smooth texture (e.g. crispy bread) can aggravate your already delicate throat even more so please avoid those. Also, foods that need heavy chewing were a clear no for me in the first 3 days after the surgery. Through the chewing, you will always use a lot of muscles in your face (near your nose) and that can therefore hurt your nose quite a bit. And the last thing that you should not eat after having your rhinoplasty are sticky foods, as they tend to stick to your mouth/throat. Since you can only breathe through your mouth everything that blocks your breathing even a bit is quite uncomfortable! Therefore I would stick to soft vegetables, smoothies, and maybe some very soft bread in the first two to three days after the procedure. But to be honest, my appetite was actually nearly non existent in those first days so at least you don’t have to worry about being hungry all the time!
  5. You will immediately feel a million times better after they remove the cotton/gauze, which they call tamponade, from your nostrils! Even though the rhinoplasty, at least for me, didn’t hurt at all around my nose you have this constant pressure on your had whilst having the tamponade in your nose. The reason for this is that they, first of all, block your nose so that you can’t breathe through it and secondly they fill up with blood which makes them bigger and bigger. When the doctor removed them after about 2 days it was like another world. I finally fell asleep for the first time since the surgery for more than 15 minutes. I slept for nearly 12 hours because it just felt so good to be able to breathe through my nose again and not having constant pressure on my head! Also, I heard that removing them would hurt a lot but for me, it really didn’t. It only felt uncomfortable for about 2 seconds and after that, there was this amazing relief.

So you see that there are a few things to better know before having your rhinoplasty but after all, I think that even with knowing those, I would have done it without a doubt. Yes, the first 2–3 days were not that great but after that, you will feel a lot better very fast. Just be prepared and bring your straw and throat tablet, ask for smoothies or very soft bread and THINK ABOUT YOUR CONTRACEPTION and you should be fine for those days. And after that, you’ll be more than fine because you either have your dream nose or you can finally breathe without having a blocked nose all the time!

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